Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gps tracking devices/ Fleet tracking / Truck tracking

Are you a logistics company looking for a GPS tracking management system?

We recommend you try www.myeyeinthesky.com

With real time tracking devices to manage your trucks or fleet. This easy to use, affordable gps tracking system, you can ensure your vehicle tracking, fleet tracking is managed with a reliable system that provides complete audit able measures.

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  1. Technology in many areas is really helping the fleet vehicles in my business. All the data I can get now is just unbelievable

  2. Hi Sean,

    True, The obm (Onboard Management) connectors are great.Simply connect the gps units to the obm in your car or truck and you can get some really great stats!

    Trip times, travel distances for complete gps tracking.

    Luke Athens

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  4. As a business owner (and my small business delivers our products) the ability to improve
    our productivity by having a GPS for tracking our
    deliveries sounds like a great plan!

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  7. very informative article, thanks.
    i learnd allot about tracking system
    and gps

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  9. Receive Lower Insurance Rates by up to 35% – Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for vehicles that have a Real Time GPS system. Verizon Networkfleet