Monday, September 15, 2014

Is your mobile phone bugged?

Forensic sweeps offer an in depth forensic evaluation on your mobile phone/tablet to search, identify if your phone or tablet is bugged.

The trick to any search comes down to experience and equipment. These guys at know what they are doing.

Not only do they search for nasty spyware and adware, they take a further step by searching for hidden files, encrypted files and the most important "Deleted files".

With remote access to your tablet or handset, spyware can be deleted remotely as well, bugging your mobile phone is easier to place and remove then ever before.

The ever increasing market in electronic software and convenience leaves us exposed to mobile phone bugs or mobile phone taps.

But wait, there is more!

Since there are so many ways of bugging someones phone, what about the mobile phone taps that are not software driven?

Forensic sweeps have a specialized team that can "Monitor" your bandwidth on your  mobile phone communication  to identify if your phone has been targeted in a phone tap. They wouldn't release the information on the product they use due to intellectual property protection though they did explain to us how its done.

They have custom design a product they connect to 2 phone handsets too, these handset are then connected to a special spectrum analyzer which identifies all frequencies transmitting, the actual transmission and bandwidth which then helps them identify what is actually happening on your phone.

Once the frequencies are identified you will know  if your phone is tapped. Here are the business details:

Contact Details: 0412 331 871

Ask for Sam or Luke

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