Sunday, August 7, 2016

Kyle and Jackieo KIIS FM Investigator

We are proud to announce that are the official KIIS FM investigators for 2016.

You can find all our cases on the KIIS FM website, or if you would like us to do your investigation for free please click this link and the KIIS team will look at it for you.

Once they review your case, Private Investigator Luke Athens, the KIIS PI will investigate your matter for free! That's right a free private investigator, a completely free investigation service for you. The only thing is you need to air your investigation on KIIS FM.

If you don't want your matter aired and you would prefer a confidential investigation feel free to contact us directly to assist with any private investigation service.

Heartbreakers Private Investigators in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland.

Ph: 1300 738 400


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