Sunday, May 26, 2013

mobile Phone tapping/Intercepting calls, chanel 9 news with Luke Athens

Everyone needs to be aware of the risks people tapping mobile phone and how easy it is to do. We can detect if your phone has been tampered with and prevent you being a victim to mobile phone tapping

Monday, May 6, 2013

facebook investigations, viber investigations, sms investigation

Forget spending thousands of dollars on a private investigator to conduct surveillance on your partner when you risk them losing them in traffic or being caught and getting no result.

Get guaranteed results through forensic investigations that answer questions you need today!

Forensic investigations are available on a wide variety of  mobile phones and i pads. Information can be recovered from the handsets to answer questions you need.

Sms content and recovery, call history, gps locations, external apps investigations including facebook, viber, emails accounts, passwords.

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Recommeded list of private investigators in Australia

Here is a list of private investigation companies which specialize in surveillance investigations which we recommend: Ph: 1300 738 400 Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Ph: 0412 722 740 Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

These three companies are assured to give you quality results in surveillance investigations including partner investigations, family law investigations, mobile phone forensic investigations, sms investigations, facebook investigations.