Monday, December 14, 2020

Reward $20,000 for information leading & locating Thi Kim Hoa TRAN

REWARD $20,000

Kim was believed to be between the ages of 16-18 years old at the time she went missing. Kim was taken to hospital by her father after suffering a migraine on Friday 23rd August 1985, she was admitted very quickly which allowed her father to leave Kim with the doctors to attend to his younger daughter (our client) being pick up from primary school. Our client was then picked up from school and taken home to her mother. Shortly after the family received a call from Kim asking to be picked up from the hospital as she has been discharged.

Kim has never been sighted again by the family after that evening, whilst waiting for her family to pick her up.

During Mr. Athens investigation, he has been able to gather intelligence and diary notes written in 1986 from witnesses that mention KIM was possibly kidnapped??? Other statements obtained from witnesses indicated that police had attended the family home after the family had spoken to neighbours for assistance, however the matter was not looked into further as Mr. Athens was told by a witness that “she was apparently of legal age” and did not need to return home after being discharged from the hospital.

Due to the parents being migrants with very little grasps of the English language we believe a breakdown of communication had occurred and hence unanswered questions still surround her disappearance today. Now the parents have passed, Mr Athens client can only provide very limited information as the events surrounding the case was a traumatic experience for a very young child.

Mr Athens personally understands how traumatic loss of a family member can be, after recently losing his father in 2019. Mr Athens feels a deep connection to the case and for his client, to still be feeling the loss and grief after 35 years without the opportunity for closure or any information to assist in understanding what happened that night in 1985.

Hence the reason we are requesting for public assistance to generate and confirm current leads and the opportunity of a $20,000 reward to the person who can provide information directly leading to Kim’s whereabouts.

During our investigation we have had several unconfirmed sightings of Kim. One being in 1990 at Elizabeth, South Australia and another in 2012 in the same area. The 2012 sighting was confirmed and relayed to our client prior to the passing of her parents. The family that were interviewed and passed this information over too the family many years ago were interviewed by Mr. Athens though retracted their claims of sighting her upon our presence and questioning. We currently are investigating new leads that have been ascertained since this press release though any information that may assist us during this process will greatly be appreciated.

We are urging anyone with information to contact Melbourne Confidential on 1300 15 25 66 who may recognize the photo and or be able to link a name, or address to where Kim once resided. She would now be in her early 50’s and was known in Vietnam as Thi Kim Hoa TRAN.

Reward Terms and conditions:

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Any person that is potentially claiming the full or portioned reward must comply to the terms and conditions that melbourne Confidential has set out. The terms and conditions are only available after contact has been made and validation towards the information you have supplied in the assistance of locating the missing person.